Checking the Status of Your Application

Once we receive enrollment data from a state health insurance exchange marketplace, we process the information as quickly as possible and mail a payment letter to you as the customer. This payment letter serves as your receipt of enrollment. When everything works smoothly, this should only take about 10 days. However, sometimes processing the data can take time, especially if we need to go back and make sure any of the information is correct. There can also be issues with the initial application that keeps us from being able to process it, which will need to be corrected at your state’s health insurance exchange marketplace. If you’ve been waiting longer than a couple of weeks to receive your letter, you will want to check on the status of your application – either with us or with the health insurance exchange marketplace. See Email Us If It’s More Convenient below.

Starting Your Policy

Once you receive your payment letter, it will share directions for you to pay the first month’s premium. Payment of the first monthly premium is required to start the policy according to the details shared in your letter. You must take this step to activate your policy before your health insurance identification cards (ID cards) can be mailed.

Missing Identification (ID) Cards

Once your first month’s premium payment is processed, you should expect to receive your ID card in about 10 days. If you’ve waited longer than 10 days for your cards, please follow the instructions to Email Us If It’s More Convenient below. If you’ve paid your premium and need to get care before receiving your ID card, follow the steps for Getting Care without an Identification (ID) Card.

Getting Care without an Identification (ID) Card

If you have paid your first month’s premium payment and chose a primary care doctor at enrollment, you may get care from that doctor before receiving your insurance ID card. You will need to have that doctor verify your active health insurance coverage with us before providing care. If you need pharmacy assistance with medication, you can also ask your pharmacist to verify your active health insurance coverage and provide your medications if they are in network.

Paying Your Monthly Payment Online

You can make your initial premium payment securely through our online payment website.

Make a Payment

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Effect of Non-Payment of Premium on Health Care Claims

If you get behind and have not paid your monthly premium, there is a grace period. If you need to get health care during the second and third month of the grace period and have insurance claims for the care you received, you will need to pay those monthly premiums before we will process those claims for payment. If you do not pay those monthly premiums within the grace period, your health insurance plan will terminate for non-payment of premiums. As a result, all claims received for the second and third month of that grace period will be denied, and you will be responsible for the full payment amount for the health care services you received. To regain coverage, you would need to reapply during open enrollment or a qualifying event with a future effective date.

Email Us If It’s More Convenient

We operate Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield plans in several states and are providing customer service via email through our Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield brand. Please send your request and identification number (or other personal information) to We will be happy to assist you as soon as we can. If you’ve already received your ID card, please include your ID number and a way to contact you.

Our Website Can Help You Manage Your Health Insurance

If you’ve received your ID card you can register online and go to the Benefits tab to view your benefits. Log in to:

  • Find a high-quality doctor, hospital or pharmacy in your network. Your network of providers may change from time to time so it's a good idea to check our "Find a Doctor" tool on for the latest list.
  • Check what drugs are covered and how you can save with generic options.
  • Get a personalized report on your health by completing the Anthem Health Summary.
  • Choose to get your Explanation of Benefits (claim summary) online instead of in the mail.